7 Tips for Starting a Successful Blog

7 Tips for Starting a Successful Blog

7 Tips for Starting a Successful Blog

Blogging may seem like a quick and easy way to promote yourself as a tech professional. You share your thoughts on Web 2.0 trends, information architecture, or anything else that appeals to you, and before you know it, you have a global audience.

It’s that simple

Blogging can be a smart way to establish your credibility as a geek, but it requires a certain mix of courage, persistence, and writing skills. IT bloggers in particular should avoid focusing solely on technical issues; Whether the topic is political animosity or programming, any kind of successful blog often adds some opinion and personality to the mix.

What are the risks of insurance?

Jason Olson, author of Managed World, a blog labeled as “another blog by another geek,” says it’s “definitely a balancing act.”
In addition, there is a ton of competition for you. Even in the technical realm, blogs seem to be overused, according to Olson.

possess authority

Choose a focus, such as game development or open source software, and establish a legitimate level of credibility for your blog if you want to position it as technical. According to David Tatten, co-author of The Virtual Handshake, a Linux-focused blogger would be much more productive if he worked full-time in a Linux environment, consulting on Linux issues, etc.:

Blogs and other resources for building a digital presence online are discussed in the book Opening Doors and Closing Deals.

You don’t need to be a techie to be an authority. Because even interns write well-known blogs. Web designers and unemployed developers with little skill can build an audience by writing persuasively and authoritatively about their experiences.

Make sure your employer has no problem, though. You should think about how your blog posts will affect your job in the future, as mentioned in Virtual Handshake.

Reference other bloggers

Make sure your blog includes links to well-known bloggers and their content; If you’re lucky, they may reciprocate.

However, don’t just focus on the top one or two bloggers; Otherwise, you’ll come off as someone who wants attention (and links). It’s possible that influential bloggers who aren’t the biggest names on the scene will link to you more frequently. Teten suggests trying to cite bloggers that other top bloggers read. In this manner, you can gain an advantage over your competitors by building the online relationships necessary for effective blogging.

Show your personality

In their early stages, blogs were incredibly intimate and often had a diary-like feel. Although blogs have changed since then, many still have their uniqueness. Let your personality shine, advises Olson.

Be emotional

You cannot succeed as a blogger unless you have a deep passion for the subject. Simply, Olson argues, “You have to appreciate what you’re blogging about.” If you don’t, your readers will notice as it will seem forced. co-founder Jeff Julian asks potential bloggers about their interests before accepting them as members. According to Julian, one of the few ways a blog reader can be drawn to your writing is if they are aware of your identity and quickly recognize your enthusiasm for technology.

Describe the technical problem

John Henshaw, internet strategist at Siting, recommends providing the elements that techies look for, such as “educational lessons [and] innovative software solutions,” to demonstrate your expertise in your specific technology industry.

Blogging regularly

Writing a blog takes a lot of time. Henshaw, who oversees his company’s blog, claims that the most important thing is to blog as much as possible and make each piece as interesting and helpful as possible.


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