How to backup WordPress website?

How to backup WordPress website?

How to Backup a WordPress Website – If you are currently building a blog website then definitely choose WordPress. Creating a blog website is much easier if you use WordPress.

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That way your site can get hacked very easily. That is why we must think about the security of the WordPress website. When talking about website security, WordPress website backup should be thought of.

There are many of us who don’t know or think about how to backup a WordPress website. Remember, WordPress is a CMS software. To use this software we need web hosting server.

This web hosting server contains all the files, data, database etc. of our website. Because of this, our entire website may be in mortal danger. The main reason for this is that the web hosting server is not under our control.

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Hence, web hosting related and many other issues may occur on our website in future.

  •  The hosting company you are using may be discontinued.
  •  The hosting company can suspend your website at any time.
  •  Hosting servers can be hacked.
  •  Website data (data), file (file) can be removed.
  •  Entire websites can be hacked.
  •  Website files or databases may be damaged.

If the above problems occur in your WordPress website, the website will be completely destroyed. Then it becomes impossible to get your website back in good condition. I never want your website to face this kind of problem in future.

There is a way to protect your website from such problems.So let’s learn from below how to backup your WordPress website.

Why is it important to take a WordPress website backup?

As I said before, our website may face any kind of problem in future. So if you have a backup of the website it is possible to restore it back to good condition.

When we backup a WordPress website, every database, file, theme, post, plugin, media, etc. associated with the website can be saved as a zip file on our computer.

Now, when our website gets hacked or any other problem occurs, if we restore the backup file, the website will return to its previous state. This way if you keep a backup of the website then you won’t have to worry about any more problems.

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Again, if the hosting server of the website stops or if the hosting server suspends your website, then the backup file of your WordPress site can save you from the problem.

In such a situation, if you buy hosting from another web hosting company, restore the backup file of your website there, the website will be up and running again. This will not harm your site.

And if you don’t have a backup file of your website, if for some reason, your hosting company shuts down or suspends your account, there is no way to fix it.

Then you need to buy new domain hosting and create a new website. Hopefully, you can easily understand why website backup is important.

You can take backup of WordPress site through three ways

  •  Backup via WordPress backup plugin
  •  Backup through Web hosting companies.
  •  Manually download files through ftp.

One of the easiest and most used of the above methods for WordPress blog backup is the WordPress backup plugin.

Backup via WordPress backup plugin

WordPress website is more popular for plugins and there are at least one plugin to add various new functions and features to the website.

These plugins include some of the best WordPress backup plugins that you can use for absolutely free.For example,

  •  UpdraftPlus
  •  BackWPup
  •  Duplicator
  •  All-in-one WP Migration

Below I will tell you in detail about UpdraftPlus, the easiest one-click website backup plugin out of these four plugins. So let’s find out from below.

How to set the plugin?

  •  First, click the Add new plugin button from your WordPress dashboard.
  •  Now search and install any of the best backup plugins mentioned above and activate them.
  •  Then you can backup the entire website by clicking on the backup option from within the plugin.
  •  You can save the backup files of your website to your computer or Google Drive.

How to backup WordPress website with UpdraftPlus Plugin?

Many bloggers including myself are using this UpdraftPlus backup plugin in their blogging career. This is the best WordPress backup plugin among other plugins.


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