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How to Generate Free QR Codes

How to Generate Free QR Codes

How to Generate Free QR Codes

Nowadays we use different types of technology for our needs. We are constantly looking for ways to use new technologies in our work. In today’s video we will discuss how to generate QR code for free. Let’s start today’s discussion.

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So let’s start discussing how you can generate QR code:-

  •  First go to the Canva website.
  •  Then if you have never registered on the Canva website before, then register.
  •  After you login, search for logo in the search box above because this is the right size for creating QR codes. You can choose a different background size if you want.
  •  You will see that first there will be a blank box written Create logo. When you click on Create logo, you will be taken to the main editing options.
  •  You go to the edit page and there is an option below + you click on this option. If you click on the More button on the right side, you will see the QR code
  •  After clicking on the QR code, a blank box will appear in front of you. Enter the subject you want to put in the QR code in this box. Then click on the button below. You will see that your QR code will be generated with a little load.

To download the QR code, click on the menu button above and the download option will appear.


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