Invented Google

Invented Google

Discovered Google: There are probably very few people who have not heard the name of Google in this day and age. Because, Google has now become our daily companion. Every day we take help or advice from Google in whatever we do.

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But there are many people who are still new to Google. They don’t know who invented Google, what is Google, what is Google called, who is the father of Google, what is Google search engine, who is the CEO of Google.

Those who are completely new or know about Google, through this article today, I will tell about the A to Z of Google.

From here you can know, what is the name of the owner of Google, how does Google earn, how to search Google, what is the full name of Google, the answers to all these questions.

What is Google (Google)?

In fact, Google means the world’s largest web search engine. Search engine is an application based on internet or web which people use to get information easily from internet.

This Google search engine is currently the most used in the world for easily extracting information, videos, audios, movies, software, images, documents on any topic from the Internet.

Invented Google
Invented Google

Remember, is the most used or visited website around the world. But it would not be correct to say that Google is just a search engine. Because now google has become a multinational company.

Hopefully, you understand what Google means. Let’s find out from below what Google search engine is called.

What is Google search engine?

You may know what Google is. Most of the searches in the world will be done through Google. Google is called a search engine.

Google search engine means, it is a medium through which only search is done. And for this reason, users love to call it Google search engine.

Invented Google

On September 4, 1998, Google was invented by Larry Page and Sergey Brin while they were PhD students at Stanford University.
Google was founded on 4th September 1998.

Who is the father of Google?

The father of Google is Larry Page and Sergey Brin. When they were doing their PhD at Stanford University, they started working on Google as a research project.

What is the full name of Google?

  •  G = Global
  •  O = Organization
  •  O = Oriented
  •  G = Group
  •  L = Language
  •  E = Earth

History of Google

Google was founded in 1998 by two friends, Larry Page and Sergey Brin. They first developed a search algorithm called Backrub while studying Phd in California.

Later this Search Algorithm was named Google. Google was launched in 1996 as a research project only. And this research project is called Backrub.

Through many difficult situations and challenges, their project succeeds. And then its name is searched by google.

At the time of research, the main search engine did not have its own domain or server. For that they were used from the stanford university website through and domains.

Later, the domain name was registered for the first time on September 15, 1997.

Who is the CEO of Google?

Google CEO Sundar Pichai (Sundar Pichai). He is a citizen of India and was born on 10 June 1972. He studied till class 12 and obtained his degree from Stanford University in America.

He joined Google as CEO in 2015 with a master’s degree in physical science and engineering from this university.

Currently, as the CEO of Google, his annual income is more than 1200 to 1300 crore rupees.

Google is a company in which country?

Like other big companies, Google is an American company. Its head office is located in California, USA.

Many people want to know the address of Google’s main office. Their office address is 1600 Amphitheater Parkway in Mountain View, California, USA.

How does Google work?

Google has its own algorithm to work and works based on that. Google works in 3 steps to serve its user information.

These steps are:

  1.  Web crawl
  2.  index
  3.  Search

web crawl

All types of web pages in the world are crawled by Google with the help of its own Google bot. Googlebot or spider tries to see or know what kind of information is there in all those pages. And that’s what web crawling does.


Now, after knowing the information of the web page with the help of Google bot, Google indexes all the information on its own server.

Now, when a user searches for some information in Google, Google shows the information from its own server according to the user’s search.

Hopefully you can easily understand how Google works.

Who has how many shares in Google?

The owner of Google is not a person. It has many partners. Among them, the names of the three main partners of Google are given below.

  1.  Larry Page’s share is 27.4%
  2.  Sergey Brin’s share is 26.9% and
  3.  Eric Schmidt shares 5.5%


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