Rules for doing GD online

Rules for doing GD online

Those who want to get GD rules online at home. They must read our post today. Now if you do it at home. Because in keeping with the technology every sector has introduced the method of completing activities online.

So you can download GD copy online very easily. And today we will discuss about the simple rules for making simple diary online.

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Every day many people want to know the rules of doing GD sitting at home. But they can’t do GD through online because they don’t get proper information.

Now it’s easier to do GD online, we will refer to our post with video for your understanding. Hopefully from here the rules to do GD if mobile is lost. Or rules for GD if check book is lost, rules for GD if certificate is lost you will find all these information.

What is GD?

Loss of any valuables such as certificates, documents, licences, passports, valuable receipts, chequebooks, ATM or credit jewellery, cash etc. A form has to be read to retrieve all this information. He is called GD.

Rules for doing GD online

Make general diary (gd) online easily. Today in this post we have mentioned the rules of making GD (General Diary) online with video. So do GD at home.

Here we have mentioned the rules of online gd. So those who want to know the rules of GD in police station online.

They can easily know from today’s post. Bangladesh Police has introduced online GD procedure. So read the post carefully to know about the rules for doing Police GD online.

Procedure to do GD online

What is required to do GD online?. Below is the information required to do GD online:

  1.  Your National Identity Card Number
  2.  Date of birth
  3.  and all your mobile numbers should be given.

Second step:

  1.  You will be given a code via SMS to confirm your identity card. Time limit for submission is one minute.
  2.  And this code you will use as password later. If you want to change the password, you can change it using the change option. And your mobile number will be your username.
  3.  Now provide GD related information.
  4.  Select GD for yourself or GD for others option.
  5.  Select the type of GD i.e. lost/found.
  6.  Select the type of lost item and accordingly select lost document/product, vehicle, pet/bird from the right box.
  7.  Then select the police station where you will do GD.
  8.  Select the date and time of the event via the calendar.
  9.  Click to go to next step.

Third step:

  1.  If you have completed the second step correctly, then the Didi application form will come. And along with it will come the information you provided earlier.
  2.  You can change the current address if you need.
  3.  Describe the location of the incident and provide details/information about the incident.
  4.  And attach required documents or images maximum 200 kilobytes and upload your signature (200 KB).
  5.  Provide email id and click on submit button.

If you have completed all these steps then your GD application is complete.

Download GD copy online

Later if you want to know the latest status of GD application then login to the profile. Mobile number provided during GD application is used as username and password received in SMS. You can check the latest status of your GD by logging in.

Your GD certificate will be notified through SMS after it comes online from police station. And by going to your online profile you can download the GD certificate.

The cost of GD at the police station

If you want to go to police station and do GD. Then they will help you with various types of assistance.

GD rule if mobile is lost

If you want to get GD for losing mobile. Then you can apply for GD in two ways. Here we have given simple rules through which mobile lost. GD method will make it easy to get your mobile back. That information is provided here.

  1.  should be addressed to the officer-in-charge of the police station and should write the name and address of the police station.
  2.  Subject : ‘Application for doing GD’ – should be written like this.
  3.  GD should be registered and the matter should be properly investigated and applied for taking legal action.
  4.  The name, signature, father’s name, full address and date of the last GD should be entered.


Benefits of doing GD

People have to do GD for various reasons in their first life. For which many people want to know what happens if you report to the police station. Here we have given the benefits of doing GD. And the rules for writing a case diary are given in the above section.

  1.  Police help available in any problem
  2.  Citizen services are ensured
  3. To ensure the protection of life and property of citizens
  4.  If any documents are lost, GD should be made to get copies
  5.  GD should be done if any goods are lost
  6.  GD should be done if someone is missing

Rules for withdrawal of GD

If want to withdraw after doing GD. Then he must follow some rules to withdraw the case.

If the plaintiff compromises with his opponent after making the GD, there is an opportunity to withdraw the case. Criminal Most of the time the court is criminal except for some important offences.


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